Austin Condo Law

Condo Conversions Across Texas

Over 2,000 condominium regimes in Austin and across Texas for 2 to 200+ unit projects.

Condos in Austin, Dallas, Port Aransas, San Antonio, Houston and surrounding areas.

Multi-Family, Commercial, 2-unit Duplex and ADUs, Retail, Office, Medical and Industrial Condominium Projects.
Julie Alexander is a real estate lawyer based in Austin, Texas. She represents real estate developers and investors around the globe with assets in Texas.

Julie Alexander creates condo­minium regimes and owners' associations for real estate develop­ment projects in Austin and across Texas.

She has created over 2,000 condo regimes for projects with 2 units to 200+ units in Austin, San Antonio, Port Aransas, Dallas, Houston and surrounding areas.

Her condominium projects include residential, multifamily, mixed-use, commercial, retail, medical, office and industrial condominium developments.